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About the Studio

Studio Michelle Holtz was established in 2000 and specializes in giving advice on color-schemes. Clients include architects, builders, local councils, housing committees and individuals. The studio also designs interiors for businesses and private homes.

When planning color-schemes, Studio Michelle Holtz puts a lot of thought into the surroundings we live in. In this age of renewing and renovating, we are able to use the opportunity to take surroundings and function into consideration when adapting the look of a building.

The studio specializes in broadening the concept of the way we use color in the design of buildings, streets and even whole neighborhoods. (To date, the studio has designed the color-schemes of approximately 1000 buildings.)

By choosing the correct materials, colors and accessories, one can achieve a result which is not only aesthetic, but also complements the architecture and surroundings and reflects the activity within the building.

About Michelle Holtz

  • Interior Designer and expert in the use of color and its effect on architecture.
  • 1987 - Graduated from the Koloristica College, Switzerland, where she specialized in color design. Since then, she has gained experience and expertize in the field.
  • Many years working alongside architects, structural engineers, builders and residents, planning the color-schemes of renovation programs, mainly in Tel Aviv.
  • Color Advisor to the major paint companies in Israel.
  • Color and Image Advisor to businesses and private clients, in Israel and abroad.

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Advising a housing committee in Tel-Aviv

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